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Hernando Sportsman's Club Every Third Sunday at 9:00am 

CFDS now includes wax bullets to our official rule set. The wax events will be shot at various distances from 10 to 20 feet. I will include a complete discription of the wax events; including types of ammo, guns, holsters, and procedures in our June news letter.

We would like to apologize for our need to put the classical Fast Draw Society on the back burner for the past 14 months. Health issues caused the deley, but every thing is fine now. We will now continue the CFDS monthly news letter and have a CFDS Official rules and regulations book published.

I would like to introduce you all to our new managing director Randie Rickert. He is my new partner in the Classical Fast Draw Society and is originating some new ideas and promotions to help our society grow. Randie is also the president of one of the best and largest gun clubs in the state of Florida, the Hernando Sportmans Club. He is also a close and valued friend.

Yancy Derringer

Welcome to the Classical Fast Draw Society Website

In almost every western movie, the most exciting part was the shoot out. Everyone waited to see the fast draw. Even though there are not as many western movies today, the fascination with fast draw has not diminished. The tremendous response to this Society is proof of this. We began in June 2004, and the Society has grown in leaps and bounds. We really appreciate your interest, and will keep you posted on all the upcoming activities.


CFDS 2nd Annual World Championship
at Mule Camp 2006

- Photos
- Results

CFDS 1st Annual World Championship
at Mule Camp 2005
- Photos
- Results

The C.F.D.S is an organization dedicated to the furtherance of FAST DRAW and the high speed use of other weapons, as a safe and exciting sport. The CFDS is strictly an amateur organization. There are no monetary awards, or prizes in any of our matches or contests.